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Grow Lighting HPLGrow Lighting HPL

In many stadiums, tribunes and covers inhibit the sunlight to reach the grass for an extended period during winter when the sun is low and for few hours during the day. Low light mean less photosynthesis, equal to less energy for plants growth which is often combined with an extended wet period over winter, thus the grass roots became thin and shallow and the sods are easy to raise from the player actions. The sods give away easily and the surface stability is compromised.

Very often we've seen many stadiums forced to replace the sods over a long rainy winter, which is the worse period of the year for grass sods transplantation and it's clear that the playing stability before and even soon after the sods replacement, in most case, is not acceptable and the risks of injuries are extremely high.

Stadiums for professionals ... are the first field of application of PowerGrass!

PowerGrass® promotes a rich roots system of the natural grass that anchors to the special support of the synthetic turf and resists to extreme actions like players takling. The artificial turf is designed to get full integration with natural grass, the synthetic yarns are resilient and protect the natural's grass crowns from wear and tear.

The grass sods, reinforced with artificial turf are solid and compact, support players actions and prevent them from injuries, much better if compared to traditional grass which is less resistant to mechanical actions.

Investing in PowerGrass to built up your main stadium, will increase the stability of the playing surface and reduce the risks for injuries related to the pitch conditions especially during winter time, meanwhile will enable your team to practice workouts on the same pitch of the official game.

For stadiums with shadow problems ... today we have a solution

Some stadiums, with high tribunes and impressive covers, may create inside a microclimate less favorable for the grass growth.

The air circulation is reduced, the direct sunlight is often lacking, some areas of the field are too dark at certain period of the year and the moisture in the soil is too high. Lack of energy and excess of humidity in the growth medium inhibits the grass growth, reduce the density and turfgrass and sometimes makes the surface slippery.

Restore the best conditions possible for the grass growth is a fundamental prerogative to promote healthy growth and achieve the desired quality standard.

The use of artificial grow lighting, heating of the soil, big fans and even subsoil aeration system are aimed to enable groundsmen to balance light, heat and air circulation above and in the soil over the season to promote grass growth ans stress resistance.

A deep know-how allows us, in collaboration with international partners, to study tailor solutions, monitor and analyze the results over time in collaboration with your groundsmen.

Azione di GoalAzione di Goal

Natural grass sods does not always have a sufficient rooting during the winter. In PowerGrass roots are anchored in the artificial support and provide adequate stability, which is essential to support the players actions.

Grow LightingGrow Lighting

In modern stadiums, often sunlight does not reach all parts of the grass, so you must provide the missing energy for photosynthesis through special lamps positioned at a close distance above the surface.

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