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From the testing plots... to the realization of the first real pitches.

In the summer of 2012, we made ​​the first pilot pitch at the Stadium "Carlo Pedroli" in Verbania.

The first PowerGrass pitch in the world, was inaugurated on October 7th during an official game of Verbania in D division in Italy, a step before the professional teams. All teams that played on PowerGrass, appreciated the new sport surface, fresh, thanks to natural grass, and stable, reinforced so invisible and imperceptible by the artificial turf, encouraging an easygoing game without the risk of sprains and abrasions during extreme actions and falls.

Players love to play on PowerGrass.

The coach explains that the control of the ball is the most important aspect in the football game. If the player controls the ball on the first bounce has achieved 50% of his task. On artificial turf, the ball slips away, especially when is wet and is more difficult to control it.

Carlo Pedroli Stadium was previously in natural grass on natural soil. While raining, became heavy and after just one training section looked muggy. PowerGrass supports the weight of the player even on wet surface. The damages on the grass are almost invisible after the game.

The property confirms on PowerGrass we had no injuries and ligament problems related to the field conditions.

During the same period, PowerGrass was installed in the training area for goalkeepers and marksmen from head to Borussia Möchengladbach. After 8 weeks, required for the growth of grass, the area has been used for routine workouts. Later, in the spring of 2013, Georg Vievers confirmed the validity of the system.

Both sites were visited by turfgrass experts from different countries: Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and United States and have attracted strong interest.

From the first experience ... to success.

In the spring of 2013, the German Football Federation visited the training area of ​​Borussia and confirmed the validity of the project, considering this type of field equivalent to the natural grass playing surface.

All visitors have noticed a big difference compared to old systems and recognized a great opportunity to realize, already in 2013, several pitches in Europe and in emerging markets. In fact, during summer period 2013 were made:

  • In Germany, a market rich, but wary to any innovation there are 5 new fields in different municipalities. Numerous other fields have applied the sods of PowerGrass to reinforce the areas of goalmouths.
  • In The Netherlands, where hybrid systems are popular, after a comparison with two other national systems, were made ​​2 pitches in the City of Rotterdam.
  • In Luxembourg, a country so small, the news coming in a hurry and there is already a new pitch in PowerGrass.
  • In Kazakhstan, nearby Almaty with a continental climate, are in progress 4 other natural pitches integrated with PowerGrass.
  • In Russia, the first field is already in the program, while a test is running in an important stadium.
  • In Italy, however, after the realization of the first pilot pitch in Verbania, another pitch is under construction in Cabras meanwhile several other municipalities are interested in the project.


Verbania October 7th, 2012 - Opening of the first field in the world - part one


Verbania October 7th, 2012 - Opening of the first field in the world - part two

Khimki Arena - PowerGrass testKhimki Arena - PowerGrass test

On December 27th, 2013 PowerGrass was installed for the first time in a stadium of professionals at the Arena Khimki stadium in the area of the goal line.

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